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Target is on Point

Target is on Point

Who doesn’t love Target? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Target has seriously been on point lately with their women’s clothing line.  I find myself gravitating towards the women’s department every time I walk into a Target store.  When I do, my kids usually say, “Mooooommm, we’re not here to shop for you!” and they try to pull me away.  I can’t help it though, something always catches my eye. Hehe! Just like this floral maxi.  We were at Target for school supplies the other day and this beauty lured me in like a magnet. When I saw the sleeves, I just couldn’t resist. Plus, it was 20% off with my Cartwheel app.  Seriously, how could I not?! I’m truly a sucker for a sale.  If you haven’t downloaded the Target Cartwheel app, you NEED to, especially if you are faithful Target shopper like me.  I’ve saved over $150 using this app.  You know me, I’m all about saving money!  I also have the Target debit REDcard, which saves me 5% on every purchase I make.  Plus, I get free shipping on most purchases, an extended return policy, and because it’s linked to an existing checking account, I can withdraw up to $40 cash at checkout in the store.  I love these Target perks!

Navy Ruffle High Neck Maxi Dress






Another cool thing about Target is that their product designers have created an exclusive platform where actual consumers’ voices can be heard in their product design process and allow people like me to provide honest feedback.  I was invited to join this small creative community last year.  I was contacted by one of their product designers and all I had to do was download the Studio Connect app. I was able to easily comment on products based on my interests, which ranged from women’s apparel to home decor. I love a company that values their consumers’ ideas and opinions, don’t you?



I linked some of my recent favorite Target dresses for you below.  A few of them are even on clearance. 🙂

521056755205056251971485521058645217329452117073.jpeg520708625203183352121425515882245227078251990270I truly appreciate you stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend, friends!! xo

*This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Target (although it would be nice).  All opinions are solely my own.





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  • Absolutely love Target’s clothing. I used to work there for a while so I would get an additional 10% off plus the 5% RedCard plus whatever Cartwheel had on sale. Least to say I never bought so many clothes, shoes, and necklaces!

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