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Red, White, and Blue

Red, White, and Blue


Happy 4th of July friends!! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday with your loved ones.  This year my family and I are spending it in scorching Las Vegas to meet my newest nephew, Lincoln.  He’s so stinkin’ cute and I love him to pieces already.

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I love this time of year, not just because of the yummy food, fireworks, and family time, but also for the festive outfits you can put together. Honestly, any combination of red, white, and/or blue has always been one of my favorite color combos, not only during this time of year, but I find myself wearing them all year long.  I realized I have a lot of blue hues in my closet.  I usually pair blue with white, and occasionally, why not add a pop of red? I feel it adds so much more.




This red and white cold shoulder top I got on sale at Madewell.  I absolutely love this store.  They even offer a teacher, student, and military discount, which I took full advantage of.  Red and white goes so well with denim, so I paired it with these distressed denim shorts from Target and donned on my floral embroidered hat from Mickey South and white Converse and I was good to go.

I’ve linked a few of my red, white, or blue favorites that are currently on sale at Madewell.  Enjoy the fireworks!!  Thanks for stopping by! xo

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