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Let Your Destination Be Your Inspiration 

Let Your Destination Be Your Inspiration 

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For the past few weeks, I have been so heavily consumed with teacher and mom duties that I’ve neglected myself and my blog.   Luckily this past weekend, my best friends and I had a quick girls’ getaway in Palm Springs, which was exactly what I needed to take time, for myself and get re-energized.  Although packing for a quick jaunt is not an easy task,  I decided to let my surroundings be my guide for what to wear.


Wind Turbines
Crazy or not, you can`t hide the fact that there are numerous white wind turbines that welcome you into the desert. Although man-made, they are iconic and somehow very entrancing. So what better item to bring than something that is white and can move with the desert wind. This is a favorite dress of mine because it has so much movement when you walk or when it catches the breeze. I found this beauty at a locally owned business in east Chuta Vista called Mickey South.  This cute women’s and men’s clothing store is owned by a very down-to-earth couple who takes pride in providing their customers’ with unique and trendy pieces.




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Coincidentally, the high-low style and back detail of this dress go nicely with the beautiful Spanish style of the resort we stayed in.  The La Quinta Resort and Club was truly a desert oasis that not only provided stunning backdrops for blog photos, but it offered an abundance of amenities, including a relaxing spa, fitness center with yoga, tennis, and bike rentals, seven on site restaurants, and shopping.






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Palm Trees
If you could pick any emoji out there to represent Palm Springs, it would be a palm tree. When you look far and high, you see palm trees. I don`t know about you, but when I see palm trees it usually puts me in a vacation vibe. So of course, I had to pack my palm print suit from






Blue Waters
Even in the desert, palm springs has pools everywhere. Our hotel, La Quinta Resort & Club was no exception. There are 41 pools throughout this resort all with nice and refreshing water to cool you down in these hot temperatures in the summer. This dress exudes the coolness that the water brings to the dry desert heat.


I actually found this one-shoulder blue maxi at a Banana Republic store close to our resort on sale for 50%. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out online, but I’ve linked a few similar ones.


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Desert Blooms
From afar, you can take in the breathtaking views of the picturesque mountains in the background, but when you look closely, there are beautiful desert blooms all around. This inspired me to bring outfits that have that earthy and natural style to them like this cold-shoulder floral dress from Daisy Shoppe.




Plan a trip and see how thinking about the surroundings can help you spark new ways to see your wardrobe. I’d love to hear about how your travel destination inspires your fashion.

*Special thanks to my besties, Marianne Geronimo, Ruby Alejandria (photographers) and Destree Bascos (co-writer). Love you ladies!


Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Jen



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