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Finding the Perfect Pair of OTK Boots

Finding the Perfect Pair of OTK Boots

Who else has been scouring sites for the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots this season?  I know I have. I bought a couple pairs last season, just like these leather Tommy Hilfiger boots I found at Nordstrom Rack (There are actually a few sizes still available online linked here and they are currently having a Clear the Rack sale until Nov. 12th, which is an extra 25% off all clearance), but I’m finding so many other cute styles and colors that I want. Being short and petite, it can be hard for me to find the perfect fit because they’re either too tall or too loose. Yes, I have short girl problems. But they are out there. Even petite girls can wear OTK boots and look great, not just tall, modeled figured women.  You just have to find the ones that fit you right and style them in a way that looks proportionate. I usually style mine with skinnies or leggings with a short top or even with a short skirt. Don’t let short girl problems get in the way of rocking a fab pair of OTK boots.

So whenever I find the perfect fit, I, of course, have to snag them. I have gotten super lucky at Norstrom Rack and have found two pairs of OTK boots that I was able to try on and loved. However, I’m a bit more apprehensive when it comes to shopping online.  I try to do my research and read the reviews, which are actually pretty helpful most of the time.  When shopping online, I also usually stick with the sites that have an easy return policy, like Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

I’m the type of shopper who also considers the price.  They not only have to be the right fit, but they also have to be the right price. I would rather get two or three pairs of boots, instead of just one high priced pair. That’s just me. But, don’t get me wrong I would love me a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s…. one day.

I’m linking a few of my online finds that are around the $100 range just in case your interested. 🙂 Happy shopping babes! I hope you find your perfect pair of OTK boots!





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