Hello friends and welcome to my blog! My name is Jennifer, also known as Jen, mom, or Mrs. Romo.  I’ve lived in San Diego all my life until an incredibly charming, handsome man swept me off my feet almost fourteen years ago and convinced me to move to a foreign country to marry him, only after six months of dating. Who does that? Apparently, someone who’s madly in love! Lol! I’m happy to say our love continues to grow each day. Together we have three beautiful children; Alora, Noah, and Elijah. After living in Japan for four years and exploring the far east side of the world, we decided to move back to San Diego to be closer to our families, which was and is very important to us.

Educating young minds is also very important to us.  This year will mark my 15th year as an elementary school teacher.  Teaching is very rewarding and is a passion of mine, but what I have always enjoyed ever since I was a little girl was shopping and all-things fashion.  I still remember begging my mom to take me to the mall so I could shop the latest trends.  That love for fashion and expressing myself through my style hasn’t changed.  This past year, Instagram has been the creative outlet to share my passion for fashion.  With the help of my six-year-old photographer, Elijah, I have been able to share my style through his lens. He seriously has a keen eye for photography. I am now taking it a step further with this blog. My goal is to continue to share my style and passions… and perhaps to inspire others in any way, shape, or form. Thank you so much for stopping by!